Month: October 2019


Big Wheel’s food truck is a street food business or cafe on wheels. It was created as a working model of business, tested, and proven successful. Therefore, we propose to set up your own Big Wheel’s food truck business under franchising. Big Wheel’s food truck franchise benefits: Stylish and original idea. Popular brand. Practical work […]


Renting Big Wheel’s truck, you can not only solve a lot of problems in search of quality kitchen equipment but also get new opportunities for organizing a holiday or business event, as well as your own business. Who is interested in renting a Food truck? Catering establishments; entrepreneurs who intend to start a new business; […]


Big Wheel’s Food truck is catering to the new age. We can arrange a holiday at any place indicated by the Customer. This can be an outdoor vacation, a country party, a sports holiday, or a family meeting in the backyard. Big Wheel is both a delicious and sophisticated meal and the overall organization of […]