AirVPN review | Could internet privacy get any better?

AirVPN was founded not so long time ago. It all started in the year 2010 by a small group of Italian activists. They were backed by few oft hearted lawyers who were kind enough to work for free for them. This VPN provider is a product given by Pirate Party festival of Rome which is well-known for its debates on pro-privacy, pro-net neutrality. The features offered by them are not the ones which you can find easily from other VPN providers. To mention a few, first there is absolute transparency of the services you get, the Bitcoin payment method is acceptable, VPN via SHH and SSL tunnels. This facility has also impressed people by maintaining the anonymity of their users. All information about their services and policies can be found in detail on their official website. it is best VPN for torrenting and also best VPN for Kodi

Let’s take a bird-eye AirVPN review now. They offer an “all-in-one” plan which starts off at around $9 monthly and can go up to $70 annually. If you don’t want the subscription straight away, then there is a three day demo period too for approximately $.15 which is not much to ask for. For those who are not willing to pay even this can email AirVPN and you can get the demo free of cost too.

This provider gets ranked pretty high if we come to the privacy protection topic. They offer a 256-Bit level of AES encryption. No logs of any kind are maintained so you can be sure that whatever you do is private.

AirVPN reviews from customers are also filled with praise. The one thing which should be highlighted is their website. Though it is not so fancy or flashy, but it’s the simplicity which wins the points. It’s neat and precise. All information is present regarding the packages. The active forum is loaded with information and customer queries which are responded timely. This provider company takes pride in the fact that it is the sole company that gives out real-time statistics of the usage on their website. You can access this through their site only, and it’s pretty detailed.

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