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Shopping for wine coolers can be a fun experience. It’s enjoyable to imagine where you’d place different wine coolers in your home or what kinds of things you could do if you had one. You could throw fancy parties or have classy celebrations in your home. However, there are a lot of different types of wine coolers you can choose from, and it can be tricky to know which models to consider purchasing. Here are some of the best wine coolers available on the market today and their strengths and weaknesses.

#1 Sunpentown WC-20TL ThermoElectric Wine Cooler

This reasonably priced thermoelectric wine cooler from Sunpentown will keep up to 20 bottles of wine cool in your home. Its controls are touch responsive and allow you to precisely set the temperature of your wine in a single zone. Here’s what some people who purchased the WC-20TL said about this wine cooler:

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Keeps the wine cool within 2 degrees of the set temperature
Quality construction, durable, stable shelves to store your wine
Inexpensive price at around $190
Quiet operation after it achieves the target temperature for the wine
Easy to set the temperature and settings, making this an ideal first wine cooler for someone who doesn’t need lots of fancy settings or options


Does not lower the temperature of wine below 54 degrees, so if you want your wine chilled even cooler, you should choose a different model of wine cooler
Able to fit 20 bottles, but you have to manoeuvre some of the bottles into the cooler neck first to make all of them fit

#2 Cuisinart Private Reserve 8 bottle Wine cellar

This wine cellar holds up to 8 bottles and is perfect for storing either wine or champagne. With a temperature range between 39 degrees and 68 degrees, the Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine cellar is an excellent choice for people who need a little more range in their wine cellars capabilities. It’s a great all-around way to store your wine while taking up minimal space for around $160.


Quiet and compact design which doesn’t use a lot of energy and works well for a small apartment
Electronic touchpad which lets you set the temperature of your wine quickly
Attractive soft interior lighting with a stainless steel finish
Shelving racks fit both 750ml and 1500ml bottles of wine or champagne


Some users said the fit for wine bottles was tight and required the removal of one set of racks to fit bottles of champagne properly
The picture of the model looks like the bottom frames are fatter to fit bigger bottles, but the unit has four identical racks

#3 Haier 26 Bottle Wine Cooler

For those who are looking for a bigger wine fridge, the Haier 26 Bottle wine cellar may be the answer. With the option to install this wine fridge or leave it free-standing, it’s sure to work for almost any home. It’s somewhat more expensive than other wine refrigerators at around $$$, but it has a much larger capacity making it perfect for cooling wine before big parties or celebrations.


Holds a constant temperature of 48 degrees
Fits well under a counter and has an attractive design, allowing you to see inside the cooler
Automatic temperature settings for white or red wine
Large capacity and ability to hold up to 26 bottles of wine
Good quality build


Somewhat more expensive than other wine coolers, so if you don’t need two dozen bottles of wine chilled, you may want to find a different wine fridge
Takes up to 8 hours to chill wine, so if you need wine cooled quickly, this may not be the unit for you
The dimensions are slightly larger than specified, so make sure you have the proper space for this cooler
Hard to understand owner’s manual—some users reported trouble using the manual temperature settings

#4 New EdgeStar 46 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

If you need even more space to store your wine, consider the New EdgeStar 46 Bottle Dual Zone Wine cooler. This wine refrigerator has two zones of cooling, making it the perfect option if you like to keep both red and white wine on hand (which both require different temperatures for optimal enjoyment). This attractively designed unit is priced at $740—more than other units, but worth it if you need dual zone cooling and a large capacity.


Large bottle capacity—fits up to 46 bottles of wine, 23 in each cooling zone
Dual temperature zone settings to allow you to set different temperatures to store your wine and giving this unit much more flexibility when it comes to storing different types of wine
Comes with a five-year warranty
Quality construction with sturdy stainless steel
Hits target temperature correctly
Attractive blue lighting in the unit
Not loud


Has trouble fitting bottles that aren’t tall and slender 750 ml bottles
Expensive for someone who only needs to keep the temperature of just a few bottles of wine regulated



There are many other quality wine coolers and wine fridges on the market. It’s hard to say what the best wine cooler is because everyone has different needs, but if you get one of the models listed here, you can rest assured you’ve purchased one of the best wine coolers available. Evaluate how much room you have in your home for a wine fridge, how many bottles of wine you need to keep cool at a time, if you want a glass door and whether you need single or dual zone temperature control. This will help you find which one of these best wine coolers will be the best fit for your home.

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