Big Wheel’s Food truck is catering to the new age. We can arrange a holiday at any place indicated by the Customer. This can be an outdoor vacation, a country party, a sports holiday, or a family meeting in the backyard.

Big Wheel is both a delicious and sophisticated meal and the overall organization of a holiday event. We will arrange a holiday venue, choose animators and presenters for the needs, consider the event scenario, taking into account the age, gender, and individual characteristics of the guests.

Big Wheel’s Catering Benefits:

  • Excellent meals that include dishes prepared in front of the guests.
  • Absolute Mobility: the food truck works anywhere without the need for external power sources.
  • Creative approach: we do not have “stamps,” we design each event individually.
  • Versatility: We can organize a business meeting, youth, or children’s party, and we help even help you with the festival.

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